Patient Presentation:  72 y.o.female with history of COPD and HTN who has been experiencing post-prandial abdominal pain and weight loss.  She has lifelong problems with IBS and constipation; however, over the last 6 months, she started to experience pressure after eating. She has lost approximately 25 pounds over the last 6 – 7 weeks. She can only tolerate a liquid diet.  She has been smoking for about 50 years, but quit 8 weeks ago.

The rest of her review of systems is negative.  She is on aspirin and anti-hypertensive medications. She has no history of diabetes and her lipid panel is normal.

Case Study 1


What is the diagnosis?

A.  Chrons disease
B.  Acute mesenteric ischemia
C.  Chronic mesenteric ischemia
D.  Median arcuate ligament syndrome
E.  SMA syndrome

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