Saturday, October 19, 2019

8:00 AM8:10 AMOpening remarks, welcome, and a description of the program
8:10 AM8:30 AMPrimer on Cancer Immunology and Immuno-Oncology (Innate vs Adaptive T Cell Immunity and Biomarkers) 
8:30 AM8:50 AMTumor Microenvironment and Immuno-Oncology
8:50 AM9:10 AMImmunotherapy in GI Cancer 
9:10 AM9:30 AMImmunotherapy in Hepatocellular Carcinoma
9:30 AM9:50 AMImmunotherapy in Cholangiocarcinoma
10:10 AM10:30 AMImmunotherapy in Colorectal Cancer and future direction 
11:20 AM11:40 AMImmuno-Radiation
11:40 AM12:00 PMImmuno-Ablation
1:00 PM1:20 PMAbscopal Effects: Myth? or Facts? 
1:20 PM1:40 PMMicrobiome and Immune therapy 
1:40 PM2:00 PMOligometastatic / Oligoprogression Disease and New Treatment Paradigm 
2:00 PM2:20 PMPseudo-progression/Hyper-progression and immuno-oncology 
2:20 PM2:40 PMFunctional imaging for immuno-oncology
2:40 PM3:00 PMRadiomics and Immuno Oncology 
3:30 PM3:45 PMImmune-Embolization
3:45 PM4:00 PMIntratumoral and Oncoviral Immunotherapy
4:00 PM4:15 PMTILs therapy and Interventional Oncology 
4:15 PM4:30 PMCAR T Cells and Interventional Oncology  
4:30 PM5:00 PMQ&A and Concluding remarks